Game Day Rules

In keeping with our recreational mission, please keep the following important points in mind:

  1. All players play at least half of every game.
  2. Both teams are placed on the same side of the field during play. Coaches and players are to stay on their half of the field, between the half line and the top of the penalty area (“18-yard line”).
  3. Spectators will stay on the opposite side of the playing field.
  4. Only the registered coach and one assistant may be on the player’s side of the field.
  5. Slaughter rule: A team trailing by 4 goals may, at the coach’s option, add one player. One additional player may be added for each additional goal above 4.
  6. Keep your comments positive. We are here to have fun. Negative comments from, or directed to, players, referees, or coaches will not be tolerated, and the offending person will be ejected from the premises. The game will not continue until the offending person has left.
  7. Tobacco use is not allowed on the playing fields or in the spectator areas.
  8. Trash. Pack it in, pack it out. All trash is to be removed by teams/parents.
  9. As a recreational league, we are here to have fun. We do not keep score or won/lost/tied records. No trophies or championships are awarded.
  10. Coaches are liaison between ESA and the players and parents. Please communicate all ESA league information to teams and help ESA maintain a positive culture of fun and sportsmanship while learning the game of soccer.


Maps and directions may be found on our locations page.


  • Remember that we the adults – and especially the coaches – set the example for our children. Always maintain your composure and behave in a dignified, sportsmanlike fashion.
  • We play for fun, not for keeps. If you are looking for a highly competitive experience, we recommend our affiliate club, Fusion FC Dallas. Other local options may be found at the Links page of the website.
  • Please keep in mind that all ESA personnel are unpaid volunteers who work long and hard so that your children can enjoy this wonderful game. Please treat them accordingly.
  • All players must be properly registered with ESA to play OR practice with a team. No exceptions!
  • Coaches choose their own practice times and locations.
  • Make-up games will be scheduled as needed. Your coach will contact you.
  • Respect the referee. The laws and traditions of soccer provide that the ruling of the referee is final and may not be appealed. Their mistakes are part of the game.
  • Please arrive early for games and make every effort to stay on schedule.

Required Equipment

  • Team jersey is supplied by ESA. All other equipment is your responsibility.
  • Black shorts recommended and preferred.
  • Shin Guards – mandatory, no exceptions, for both practice and games.
  • Black soccer socks recommended and preferred. Must completely cover the shin guards.
  • No jewelry, watches, etc. may be worn during practice or play.
  • Other:
    • Cleats are optional for U6 & U8, but are highly recommended, although not required, for other ages. Note: MUST be soccer cleats, no football or baseball cleats, and no metal tips.
    • Personal water bottle.


  • Spectators are encouraged to cheer all of the players during the game, but please leave the coaching to the coaches. Please stay in your seats or stand in place. Don’t pace the sidelines!
  • Spectators must stay in their designated areas of the field.
  • Negative comments to players, referees, or coaches will not be tolerated.
  • ESA reserves the right to eject and/or ban any player or spectators for inappropriate conduct. There will be no refund of registration.