What is the mission?
ESA is a recreational soccer association. We play for the fun of it! All of our coaches and administrators are unpaid volunteers who work hard for the benefit of our kids and our community.

When do you play?
Practice starts in mid-August. Games are played every Saturday, weather permitting, from the weekend after Labor Day through October.

Who can play?
All kids from 3-14. There are no limitations on your place of residence or school registration. All children, regardless of skill level, previous experience or place of residence, are very welcome!

The players are assigned in age brackets: U6 (meaning UNDER 6 years old), U8, U10, U12 and U14/16. The cutoff date is August 1, meaning that if your child is 5 years old on January 1, he will play at U6, even if he turns 6 on January 2. Teams are mixed boys and girls.

We’re interested in competitive soccer. What are our options?

ESA is dedicated to recreational play, so to provide a competitive option for our kids, we became a founding member of Fusion Futbol Club, the Northeast Tennessee/Southwest Virginia regional club. Players interested in competitive soccer should check out FFC’s website. Please note that FFC is an independent club and is not affiliated with ESA’s recreational program.

What does it cost?
Fees currently are $50. Full and partial scholarships are available – consult the Registrar.

Where do you play?
ESA games are held at either Hunsinger Field, at the corner of Jason Witten Way and Hudson Drive, near Elizabethton High School, OR at Doe River Gorge Christian Camp in Hampton. Your coach will inform you which field you will be playing on for the season.

When and where do you practice?
Each coach sets his team’s practice time and place after consulting the parents. Most practices are held at city schools and parks and church playgrounds. Typically, teams practice one to two times a week in the early evening, after work.

What is provided?
Insurance through the Tennessee State Soccer Association, a team jersey, and all game fees.

What do I have to provide?
Black shorts, black soccer socks, shin guards, an age-appropriate size regulation soccer ball, and appropriate shoes or cleats. (Check out ESA’s great club ball in the Store! Proceeds support this program!)

What about referees?
Our referees are USSF trained and licensed. If you are licensed and wish to referee, please contact us.